Gasp... it's over!

Sooooo... I originally developed my blog with good intentions. Very good intentions. I wanted to share with my family and friends what was going on with me during my deployment to Afghanistan. However, the computers I had constant access to are apparently against blogging and all it stands for, because I was unable to access it. And to be honest... I was too lazy to walk over, sign in, and wait the usual 30 minutes for a computer at the MWR area. Therefore my blog is left with a huge gap. An old friend from high school started a blog to stay in contact with her family after moving across the world to Italy due to marrying an Airman, so I found a new energy to want to start this again. Instead of re-starting a new one, just pretend to hit the fast forward button.

Where to begin now? Well, we made it. Nate and I are both home and are working on living together again. It was a rough year. Not so much for us as a couple, but for everything that happened within the brigade. A fellow platoon leader in Nate's troop was killed early on in the deployment. It definitely made me worry 1000% more than I already was. There are many good things about being on a deployment the same time as your spouse, but there are bad points as well. This was one of them. Luckily, he is home here with me and now we are focusing on the transition phase.

The deployment ended for me on March 14, 2011. Exactly 51 weeks before I left. Nate came home a little after me on March 20, 2011, which was 2 days away from my 26th birthday. I was so happy to know that we would be spending the day together this year, considering the other years of our marriage we had been apart for them. It was amazing just to be with him, and even better because we spent it with about 20 friends at a restaurant in town.

After birthday festivities and the initial hugs and kisses of being reunited we packed up our bags for a much deserved trip to the Caribbean. We spent 12 days there, and about a week of that was with my in-laws. It was a great time, and we had a lot o fun together. We rented a boat, saw dolphins, ate at many local restaurants, and just relaxed. After they left Nate and I focused on diving. On our R&R period during the deployment Nate and I went to Fiji and were certified as open water divers there. It was an amazing experience that left us wanting to do it more. The Bahamas was a perfect place for it, and we continued our training and are now Advanced Open Water Divers.

We got home on Friday and spent the weekend getting the house in order and relaxing. It is so great to be able to do that again. You forget what having a weekend (or any time off, really) is. We have been enjoying every minute of it.
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